Otidry MD Ear Spray 30ML

Otidry MD Ear Spray 30ML

Otidry-MD® ear spray is a medical product aimed at preventing diffuse acute otitis externa (“swimmer’s ear”).


  • OTIDRY-MD® dries water from the external ear canal and relieves water-clogged ears due to Bathing, showering, swimming, sweating due to sports, wearing headphones for long time, or Humid weather, etc.
  • Thereby relieving discomfort, the sensation of fullness or hearing impairment.
  • OTIDRY-MD® creates the right conditions to prevent the harmful effects of excessive moisture in The ear such as bacterial proliferation which can lead to Otitis Extrena.
  • Otidry-MD® ear spray provides the ideal conditions to prevent the proliferation of bacteria that can cause otitis externa, that is, prevents infections of the ear canal.



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