Advanced Lifting Serum Biotaniqe VitaC 50-70+

Advanced Lifting Serum Biotaniqe VitaC 50-70+

Biotaniqe VitaC 50-70+ Advanced Lifting Serum

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Advanced Lifting Serum

Biotaniqe Vit C Age Control is a line based on the powerful rejuvenating, repairing, and brightening effect of Vitamin C.

Innovation – bioC8 technology!

Directly after application, activated by your body heat, thousands of elastic bioC8 liposomes, begin an 8-hour process of releasing two highly-concentrated vitamins C, levorotatory and botanical – extracted from the unique CamuCamu berries to the deepest layers of the skin. Camu Camu berries are famous for their immense vitamin C concentration (3000 mg/100 g berries) and high antioxidative activity.

Advanced Lifting Serum is a highly-concentrated dose of rejuvenating power that from the very first application restores skin smoothness, softness, and proper flexibility. The light, non-greasy formula regulates and rejuvenates the skin. Precious Prickly Pear contained in the serum not only lifts skin with the force of botox but also dramatically firms and smooths it.




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